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Unbroken book review

Unbroken, a book by various authors including William Alexander, Fox Benwell and Keah Brown. This book features thirteen short stories about disabled teens, these teens have disabilities and diversities ranging from physical problems to teens of diverse colour, gender and orientation. Unbroken tells the stories of the long, rough journeys these teens, and others like them, have had to face, whether it was an actual journey to a place more suitable where they could get help, or a mental journey to happiness and a place where they can be themselves. My favourite part of this book was the first story, the long road by Heidi Heilig, about a girl with a mental illness that the village in which she lived in found out about, causing her to be an outcast, she travels to a place far away from home through a desert. She travels to a place of no return, a place where she can be cured. This particular story is about a long, strenuous travel that the main character must face to get to a place where she can be cured. I would recommend this book to teens ages 13 to 18, especially to anyone of any age who has a disability, this book changed my view on the world and myself as a person with mental disabilities and diversities. I rate this book 5/5 stars, it’s an amazing book that is relatable for anyone with a disability going through the same things.